What are Eco-Neighbourhoods or Ecological Neighbourhoods?

These neighbourhoods are designed according to the principles of sustainable development in order to meet the needs of those who live in them.

An eco-neighbourhood would be the equivalent of talking about a sustainable neighbourhood. They lead a new, more responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

It is a multifaceted type of project because it integrates the principles of sustainable development at an economic, environmental and social level.

Objectives of Eco-Neighbourhoods

They focus on achieving interaction with the urban environment in a sustainable way, starting with waste management, saving and efficiency in basic resources and also integrating agriculture, nature and mobility.

Together, it seeks to influence social aspects such as the improvement of citizen relations and environmental education. The goal is to generate a new form of relationship between citizens and their environment in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

Importance of an Econeighborhood

Each neighborhood is like a kind of small cosmos that makes cities evolve. In them, individual and collective identities are forged that serve as a cultural front and transformation.

For this reason, professionals dedicated to the urban and architectural area are aware that they are the perfect focus for change. So, it makes sense to start with them when implementing measures to minimize environmental impact.

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