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Dynamic solutions

Flexible coworking spaces that go with the way you live and work. Our flexible spaces give you the freedom to adjust your work environment according to your needs, moods and concentration needs, providing dynamic and productive solutions.

Start your day with a warm welcome to our flexible space where you immerse yourself in a community of passionate professionals. Work with your laptop from wherever you choose, enjoy freshly brewed coffee in our office kitchen and rest in the relaxation areas. Move between open and private workspaces, connect with people, and when you’re done, put your laptop away or take it home.


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Included services

At Ravalora't, we not only offer you flexible coworking spaces, but also a set of additional services to boost your project.

From legal, financial and business advice to commercial and tax domicile, as well as reception and printer services, we give you the support you need to improve.


Business Services
  • Commercial and tax domicile.
  • Receiving, mailing, packages, and notification.
  • Legal and financial advice (30′).
  • Business advice (30′).
  • Reprography service.
Activities, discounts & Networking
  • 1h free rental/month: surfboard / paddle surf, wetsuit, buoy, skateboard.
  • 50% in 1st class of surfing, paddle surfing, swimming.
  • 1 hour free rental/month on sports courts.
  • Tai Chi (unlimited).
  • 10% on weekly campus (FT) in August, Christmas and Easter.
  • Coworking events and external events.


Access to common areas
  • Meeting room hours included.
  • Conference booth.
  • Kitchen.
  • Rest areas.
  • Bicycle parking.
  • Multipurpose room (by contract).


Do you have a project?


Whether you have a social project, want to set up a business for the neighbourhood or want to share your knowledge with the community through talks, classes or workshops altruistically, contact us.  


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