Coworking with children

Opening a child-friendly coworking location may become the next goal in your business development. Family coworking spaces in Barcelona are a reality. Read to find out why.

Being a working mother, I have experienced all the happy moments and also the challenges of building a career while raising a child. I’m sure most parents agree that family growth puts professional ambitions on the back burner.

Not all mothers can afford/choose to leave their jobs.

Among married families with children, 97.4 percent have at least one parent working and 63.0 percent have both parents working. Among father-supported families, 84.2 percent of fathers were employed in 2018, a higher percentage than the 74.1 percent of employed mothers in mother-employed families.

US Department of Labor Statistics

However, working in a traditional office with a fixed schedule can rarely be the best solution for parents who do not want to miss out on their little ones’ growth. Taking children to the office is not allowed. Daycares are somewhat expensive and some children suffer from stress when they are separated from their mother.

Family coworking spaces allow parents to balance their work and lives, maintain strong ties with their children, and build a career.

Coworking spaces with childcare

Family coworking spaces are taking workspace culture to the next level. They preserve the best components of a conventional coworking center and add the childcare aspect to it. Childcare may differ in different coworking spaces. Some may offer the traditional model of childcare, daycare, among others.

Either way, coworking spaces that accept children give freelancers and entrepreneurs a great opportunity to achieve their dream of having a balanced work and life.

The main benefits of coworking spaces that accept children are:

A community of like-minded members who share similar interests and problems and have the opportunity to engage with children at work while they are cared for by professional teachers and caregivers.

Safe environment for parents in which they can work productively while their children are happy playing and learning nearby.


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